My Scars…Think Before You Clown.

My physical scars tells a story that you wouldn’t believe. I have no shame of my story. I am proud that I have survived and able to speak my truths without allowing anyone to make me feel at fault. 

My chest, back, and arms scars. Yes I have survived some horrible child abuse. It started with the stabbings and fractured arm. My mother said I died for a moment but miraculously came back to life. Pretty awesome. Apparently my work is not done yet. 

People like to make fun of the scars from a horrible past. Thank God I was not old enough to recall that memory. I was two when that happened to me. No two year old should have to fight for their lives because of their mother’s demonic boyfriend. No adult should be throwing shade at me because they think they could. Shame on you. You never know what hell a person has been through and had to survive.

My hand. Well I was told by my mother that I was burned. The crazy thing is as I grew so did the scar. 😒. Cigarette burn on my belly. Well my step father burned me. Luckily my fat hides it well. So no constant reminders there. 😉. 

I can’t shave my head bald. I have so many scars from being beaten on my head. He beat with with both broom and mop sticks. He also rammed my head into the wall. So there you go. I also had an incident at the park that was a total accident and had to get stitches. Crazy classmate! Lol. Its amazing I don’t have TBI. 

I had to overcome a lot of things. That’s only the tip of the iceberg. I make this posting not for you to pity me. Trust me I had enough of the pity parties. I make this post so it could make you THINK before you clown someone. I’ve come to accept my scars. I don’t hide them at all. If you’re uncomfortable then that’s your issue. I have my own so I don’t need to share your issues. I’ve overcame a lot. I am proud of my accomplishments. Other people may continue to struggle with theirs so THINK BEFORE YOU CLOWN.

People often hesitate to shake this hand. Lol. People, you won’t catch this. I promise. Ha ha. 

Yes my wounds are now Keloids. I pierced my ear and when they closed they are now Keloids. 

Thanks for reading. 


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