Black Men…STOP

I have read a post by a rapper by the name of Trick Daddy. He advised black women to stop otherwise we will lose them to other women. Well TD what do we need to stop? I’ll tell you, absolutely nothing. Maybe you need to stop attacking us. 

Black men gives white women passes for doing what we do. If we do it, its ratchet its ghetto, or its stank. It should be just as cute and funny with us as it is with them. FYI black women are funny, intelligent, light hearted, bubbly, and cute. We love so much and have tender hearts too. 

So why do people feel its okay to attack us? Easy. Its because you publicly attack us. Listen, I am not one of those sistas who have difficulties seeing black men with white women. I can honestly care less. Love is love and no matter who its with, and as long as its legal, and consensual; its beautiful. 

I wish that black men in these relationships would stop attacking us. I watch videos on YouTube of black men attacking us. I saw a video of a black man with his white girlfriend gping off on black women. Guess what ladies, he just sat there and let this happen. He even chuckled a few times. 

Black men why? Why do you do that? Let me ask you another question. How do you think it makes your partner feel that she only won by default? Think about it. Do you want to just be in a relationship with her because she has a complex against men of her own race? Don’t you think she deserves better? Don’t you think she deserves to be loved because of her and not because she’s not me? 

Black men you must stop attack black women. You open the doors for others to do the same. You being a public figure of any kind whether its a hard working YouTuber, to being a man in Hollywood; need to use your platform to love us and not just bash us. 

Black women are angry, bitter, and mean.

Well how about we start with the absent black father. Oh yeah, I went there. Where was the first men in our lives? Our mothers did not create us on their own. How about stop with the “hit it and quit it” attitudes? How about you stop being playas? How about you take responsibility for the child you’ve helped to create? You were the first to reject her. She needed you before she knew you. She needed you to help her walk, talk, and grow. She needed you to help her with the Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.  There’s nothing more beautiful in this world than to see the love between father and daughter. You were her first broken heart. You were the first to make her feel unwanted, unloved, and undeserved. 

Thanks. 😩

Lets move to the boyfriends. Why did you tell the black woman you loved her when all you wanted to do was screw? Why did you get her pregnant, call her a whore, and left her alone in a bad neighborhood to raise the child alone? Why didn’t you visit the child? Why didn’t you ever have a kind word to say to her after you got off? 

It doesn’t feel good to have your short comings thrown in your face now does it.

Now here’s something you don’t do.

My adopted father was the most amazing father to me. I loved him more than life itself. I was his princess. I loved his strength. I loved his wisdom. He came along when I needed a father the most. He died 5 days after his birthday. I’ve lived through many deaths in life but his hurt me the most. It still hurts. I miss the man whom I am proud to call my daddy. I was there when he passed away comfortably at home. He deserved to be in HIS house. I miss him everyday. There have been other positive black men in my life. My 5th grade teacher was the man. I miss him too. I don’t believe he is dead but we are miles away.

I really hate this civil-war within our own race. Once again if you do it they will do it. Maybe you need to STOP. I love being a black woman even if you don’t like it. Deal with your mother issues and stop bashing all of us. We all aren’t bad. Just like you all aren’t bad. 

One more question:

If you don’t like or want us black women, why do you bash us for dating white men? 😮. I mean with all of the hate, you should be glad someone is taking us off your hands. 

Thanks for reading. 


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