Charlamagne tha god…really my brother?

I hope you understand something important here. Don’t let that pretty faced bigot make you forget who you are. Now let me set the record straight, I am not one of those individuals who needs a celebrity to speak for me. I do a pretty good job of getting my ideas out there on my own. Now Tomi was hired to do a job and apparently she’s doing it well enough to gain enough attention to get people like you interested in her as well as YouTube personalities who are creating videos based on her content. I can’t be mad at her. I often wish that someone would give a damn about my thoughts to let me have a platform to discuss the thoughts going through my head often. To get paid to say the things that’s made me an outcast at work and school would be a dream. I found another way of doing the same thing and get the reactions that I want to get from folks. Not on the same platform but it’s all good.

You said that Women of Color and Latinos need to use the platforms that Tomi has in order to get out there. Well, I guess you don’t look any further than national television because if you had, you would have seen that there are plenty of sistas out there creating great content on YouTube to speak out on things and issues. YouTube has since then shut down their freedom of speech policy and implemented what they feel that white people would feel more comfortable hearing. There are videos being flagged and not monetized because “advertisers” did not want to fund the videos. For example anything that mentions guns, violence, death, politics, real shit, are flagged daily. Contents have been removed and images are being pulled.

Now that same woman who you’re asking black women to be is the same woman who talks a lot of shit about black women and yet when a YouTube, BLACK WOMAN have something to say about her and her ways the videos are taken down. So as you can see that your idol Tomi can dish it but the weak bitch can’t take it. As you can see, she went to you and Trevor. She wouldn’t take her ass anywhere a sista could have some real talk with her ass. So don’t go putting this bigot bitch on a pedal stool that she doesn’t deserve to get on. Here are a few reasons why black women aren’t on high platforms.

1. We’re not given the same chances as our white counter parts.

If black women were given the same chance to shine, we would. I don’t have to tell you about that. You’re in the industry. There may be a few tokens but that’s all they would ever be. There may be even some real sistas out there but that’s how far they would only go. They may have to resort to reality television to make their papers and possibly grow in popularity or die professionally.

2. Black men trashes us so many times…publically.

Black men are constantly coming for us one way or another. It looks bad and it is bad. Why should anyone else take us seriously when you don’t? You don’t believe me well, check out some of the most popular black men on YouTube. I bet you’ll find that most of them disrespect the black woman so bad and that’s how their popularity has grown. They have several black men who follows them and has followed their shameless example.

3. Too Many stupid black rules.

That should be self-explanatory but I will digress. You can’t be woke if you date black men. You can’t be natural and wear hair weaves. You can’t be this or that. You can’t be black if you don’t agree with everything the community says. You’re not woke if you disagree with us. You must follow the mob mentality if you want to be considered woke.

.4. Most women who look like Tomi are intimidated by the black woman.

As a black woman, I must say that’s so true. I have been around a lot of Tomi’s since moving South. They find me intimidating in many ways than one. Their men, their positions on the job, my positions on my jobs, my strength, my abilities, even my looks and I’m no beauty queen. The Tomi’s that I have met in my life are a straight pain in the ass and extremely paranoid to boot. I get so tired of that. I have to play stupid just to not make them afraid of me. Even with that, I get the ones who then often compares their selves to me…“I’m blacker than you Kash” Is the dumbest comment I have ever heard but I get that often. My favorite, “I think I got a big ole black girl booty like you Kash.” SMH! I can’t with these people. Any time it would look like I would surpass them in anything, I would get sabotaged. I am not afraid to speak my mind and tell it like it is. Some of them are. So they get sneaky and go behind my back, often. Even to having Tomi best friends, I find that they are very jealous and intimidated by me. They have more than I and they are jealous of me. I don’t fucks with fake bitches like that.

5. Well, look at Oprah!

To be honest with you, I don’t think Oprah was supposed to have made it that far. I am proud of my sista for doing it but I think she was just a token. I believe that she got where she is because she was very smart in her moves and made her 15 minutes of fame last. In case you hadn’t notice this but, there’s no other Oprah’s. She is it for now and I don’t see where there would be another any time soon.

6. Disrespected and put down of us by us.

Yes, I went there. Every time there is a sista out there trying, there’s a sista or a brother putting her down. “Look at you and your nappy hair.” “You’re ugly ass fuck.” “You’re so fucking fat, you fat bitch.” “You need to dress better.” “Get your black, crispy ass outta here bitch.” “You ain’t no betta than me. You a hoe anyways” “nigga please” “Bitch bye” “Bye Felicia” “Wait a minute, you can’t be woke if you dating a white man. What the fuck do you know?” So on and so forth.

7. We cannot be who we are if we do make it.

We have to sit there and change who we are just to make it. We have to make “everyone” comfortable. That of course pisses off the black community and we are thought of as sellouts. Black people often demand more from us than we could give. Remember a shooting of a girl and the black folks demanded President Obama to attend her funeral? Why? Would you demand President Trump to attend the next black child shooting? I won’t say shit if that happens. I want to see the new President have the same expectations as the last. Oh, wait, you don’t like me using Trump’s name right? Well, how about former President Bush? Not dad but son. No one demanded him to attend any black child shootings.

8. We are the wrong complexion.

Most of the time it’s the fairer skinned sistas who would get the chance before the rest of us. Get your paper sistas but I need more diversity in the media. Which means roles originated by dark-skinned sistas should be played by a dark skinned sista. Not a light sista in darker makeup. Just saying!

9. The ANGRY Black Woman bullshit!

Black women have feelings, thoughts, and other emotions besides anger. You call a strong black woman assertive. You call a strong white woman brave. Even if we do have an open platform and we make some good valid points to raise awareness and make folks think. Maybe even start a dialogue but instead of giving her the credit she deserves you would just say “look, there’s another one of those angry black bitches.” I bet this is what you’re saying about this blog aren’t you?

10. Lack of support from our own

We have got to do better black folks. We MUST be supportive of ourselves. There are a lot of indie artists out there whether music, writing, acting, etc. We do not support each other out there. We are quick to tear each other apart and pick us apart bit by bit. We go from physical features to anything we want. It needs to stop black folks. We need to love and embrace one another without expecting anything in return. Once we put these words to practice, you would see where it would all pay off. We could uplift us and when the world comes down on us, we have each other. Should black lives matter? Yes. It first should start with us. Other people shouldn’t have more appreciation for our talents than us.

In conclusion

That was my last point…for now. So I say all of this because I refuse to believe that you are that blind to reality. The black woman is the most underrated yet feared woman on this planet. When a black woman steps into the room with her head held high and a smile on her face; people don’t generally smile back. They look on her with hate and disdain. They look on her with envy and wonder why. They look on her with jealousy. That woman may not have the man of her dreams. She may not be working the job that she desires. She could have been passed up for a promotion and a Tomi was given the undeserved position. She could have a lot of hurt and pain in her heart due to her jacked up life, but she smiles and she keeps it moving.

Maybe black men if you learn to honor your woman more, others would too! Yes, I put part of the blame on you. There are a lot of forces at work here but,  I see you as the biggest enemy of the black woman. Black men, get your shit together. Stop degrading us. Black women, we are not each other’s enemies either. We are not each other’s competition. Let’s be supportive of each other too! There’s nothing like a group of black women coming together in sisterly love and support and uplifting each other.

Thanks for reading,



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