The Angry Black Woman. Why are we so damn angry? – The dating man.

I guess this sounds like a broken record but obviously the point is not clear. I can’t stand to hear someone say, “Oh, you’re just another one of those angry, black, bitches aren’t you?” So on and so forth. We are not angry, we are fed up. As a black woman, I am fed up with the lies, the backstabbing, the betrayal, the bullshit that comes along that doesn’t pertain to me but suddenly becomes my problem. I cannot stand the idea of having to “fix” a problem that should have been fixed before you’ve entered into my life. I am not your mother, cousin, sister, aunt, grandmother, or the past chick who dogged and left you. I am me. So before coming to me and mistreating me because you’re angry with the next chick, how about you fix yourself? How about you deal with your issues? How about you remain single until you’re TRULY ready to move on, before coming to me?

In this case I am speaking to the dating man. I am sorry that your past relationship did not work. I hate that she used you up and abused you. I am not her. I didn’t do it. I refuse to pay the price for her sins. Growing up, you’ve probably had the most amazing mother in the world. Growing up, some of us did not. Now it’s not an excuse but when it comes to the black woman, people treat our plight like it doesn’t hurt us. The black woman has been through a lot, especially when dealing with a battered man. When a man comes to us beaten and damaged from the outside world, we feel like we have to fix you up and then send you back out to fight another day. We have become your nurse, therapist, teacher, lawyers, etc. We fix you up, love you up and you leave us for the same woman who destroyed you in the first place. Why?

As black women, we always feel this need to fix someone else mess. Personally, I am tired of the shit. I am tired of always feeling like you other women fuck him up and I have to piece him all together. Men, you’re not humpty dumpty, black women; we are not all the king’s horses and all the king’s men. Men, if you want to be humpty dumpty, then fix your own self and put yourself back together again. Like that, didn’t you?

We are tired of black men tearing us apart. Another reason why we are angry. Just like comedians flip men not being shit on us women, well I am flipping it back on you. If she is a bitter, nasty, crazy, psycho, bitch Why do you keep attracting them? What is it about a strong, independent, black woman that intimidates you? What is it about a successful black woman that turns you off? Is it because she’s not going to be with you for long while you’re choosing to be a bum? Why do you keep going for the woman who treats you like that and then come to the rest of us for fixing?

Black women are tired of being used, abused, under valued, under appreciated, and disposable. We are human beings with beating hearts and want to love and be loved back. We want to have all of those things that you’re willing to give other women. We want that wedding ring. We want that baby. We want that you and me and baby makes three. We don’t all want to be just baby mommas. We don’t all just want the government to take care of us. We don’t all want to be viewed as disposable beings. We want the same as other women that you value more than us.

We are angry because of everything that I have mentioned above and then some. Other bloggers have covered a lot of what I could have said so I will not repeat everything. I will say one more thing. Have you ever asked a black woman, why are you so mad? Could it be that we’re not mad, we’re fed up. Could it be we’re not mad, we’re vocal. The rules for an outspoken black woman differs from other races. See, other races could be outspoken and considered brave. We black women are the same and considered mad. No, we are tired of the shit society throws at us and we are speaking out for our rights. We don’t go to feminist groups. They are limited. So we have to fight for ourselves.

So to all of you black men out there. The angry black woman thing is getting old as hell. Try something else. If you want to date white, then date white. Don’t say that we’re angry and bitter and use it as an excuse. You’re attracted to white women. No excuses are needed.


Let me know in the comment section what you think. Or drop a note to say what’s up to ya girl!


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