Why didn’t blacks vote Hilary for President this Election?

As you could see, Hilary’s campaign was completely one sided. She forgot about the working class of other races. I didn’t mind the thought of having a woman in the White House. I thought it would be great and would shut all the know it all male’s mouths. That would have been beautiful. To see a woman sworn in as our commander and chief. The problem I had with Hilary started when she met with the BLM protesters.

It was cool that she met with them but I felt that she belittled them. Every time they would say something, she had a rebuttal and talked to them like they were criminals on the stand. It turned me off to her as a whole. It told me that as a black person that she really didn’t care about what was going on with our people. We are all citizens in this country, at least by birth right. Blacks have the right to live, work, and do as we need to do to survive just like every other race. We just don’t get those same opportunities like the others. There’s the token that comes in and we are supposed to be happy about that. Well there are several others who are talented, intelligent, and all that qualifications needed but never given the chance to show case who they are.

Hilary forgot about the working whites as well. She thought that she would just appeal to the black votes but she had a tough road ahead of her with us. Many schools doesn’t teach black history. So many of the younger generations does not understand the significance of voting. Many of them listen to the negativity of those around them and goes by that. The percentage of voter amongst the African American voters were only what 38 to 48% of the registered voting population. She got most of them but it wasn’t enough.

Hilary may have won popularity but she did not win the electoral college votes. Blacks did not come out in record numbers like we did for President Barack Obama. Why? Most of us felt that it was between the lesser of the two evils. Most of us felt that the country would have been doomed either way. I thought that Hilary could have done a good job but I didn’t see as a black woman, how was she going to help me at some point. Help yourself! Someone might say but I have tried for the past 5 years since graduating college.

I still face racial adversity at work. I am passed up on jobs that I qualify to work. I also find myself being hired because I am black. I find myself getting paraded around because I am black. Then when they have no use for me, they toss me away or they do what they could to get me to quit. That’s happened to me before college but I hoped that after getting a degree, life would be different. Is it selfish of me to think of myself in all of this? No! I have to live just like my white counterparts. I have to be able to make a living and grow within a company. I am a driven individual and tired of being passed over because of my skin color.

I hoped with a woman in the White House who’s husband was so “into” black people would make a huge difference in my life personally. Not that they are going to come over and say “Hey Kash, let me hook you up girl!” I was hoping that the power would turn from the bosses and back to us. Not just me folks but to the rest of us who has gone to college and have debt coming out our asses and trying to live. It doesn’t make sense to have a college degree and need food stamps or be homeless or anything else.

With Trump getting ready to step into the White House, it scares me a bit. Not that Hilary would have been a savior but at least I should be allowed to be black and live. With Trump and his hoodlum followers, I am not sure what my future holds as a black woman. Are we close to restarting Jim Crow laws in this country? I guess that’s silly but that’s a thought that crosses my mind a lot. The thing is, for youth not taught about history as far as segregation and integration, they are doomed to repeat a past they know nothing about. I am worried about what would happen to someone like me. I have education but what would that mean for me in the future.

Hilary never said anything to really drive the black population out of their homes, away from their jobs, or anything that would make them vote. I believe had she handled the BLM folks better and not been so wishy washy in the past with her support of racist people; more people would have been interested in her. Not to mention, she kept Bill as her husband. He didn’t even stay by her side when she lost. Did any one else catch that? I want to like Hilary but I am not quite sold on her yet. Maybe if she runs again in 2020; she would have grown and I would just love her.

I am proud to be a registered and active voter. Black people, your votes are so important. Your vote is a voice. Don’t allow other people’s negativity silence your voice.


Let me know what you think. Why do you think Hilary did not win the black voters?


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