Church Observation: Manipulation-Music

When was the last time you’ve gone to church? Had you ever realize that the music is another form of manipulation? Some churches have moved from some “pianist” banging on the keys to make something of music. Some have even gotten away from the organist who typically could play well. People are now moving to digital or even Compact Discs. Think of it. If you know a church that plays CDs or even digital music, think of what they play and when they play it.

Had you ever notice that when they do what’s called an alter-call, the music is sad. It’s music that will make you cry and feel so awful about your life. It’s music that makes you think that you need prayer. You need someone to pray over your life that’s so sad, although you’ve walked in happy because you’ve had a wonderful evening the night before or even awakened in a wonderful mood. There’s the music and you start crying. Why? You’re happy. You’re not in a crisis. There’s the manipulation of making you feel like you need prayer for your horrible life. You just got a brand new car. It’s the car of your dreams. Life is good boo.

Time for tithes and offering. Had you notice that after you’ve finished crying your eyes out, that the minister pauses to give a brief speech? I think it’s to calm you down and maybe even make you smile or laugh after all of the crying that you’ve done. After the mood in the congregation had lightened then here comes the happy music. That’s the music that’ll make you dance as you’re giving away your hard-earned money. The happier the music, the more money you tend to give. The preacher is even tapping his toes and may even dance if the music calls for it. It makes you happier when your preacher is happy and it makes you happier to give.

If you don’t believe me…pay attention. I was sitting in church a few months ago and I realized the manipulation of the church and how they use music. If a person is sad and going through and if they can’t cry, sad R&B music would do it for you. For example, a break up where you may feel used; a good song for that is Fool of Me by Me’Shell NdegeOcello. It’s featured on her album and on the Love & Basketball soundtrack. Helps me cry. Lol. Just saying. When you’re in a good mood you’ll listen to music that would accentuate your mood. For example, Bang Bang by Jesse J, Ariana Grande, and Nicki Minaj. Hey Y’all by Out Cast would do it for me too. If I am in a spiritual mood and just want to praise God, I would listen to Grace by Bebe and Cece Winans. Good stuff.

If you ever go shopping, there’s typically good music that would put you in the mood to shop. Go into an elevator. There’s elevator music. That’s that music you know and don’t even know why you know it and could become your ‘jam’ if you’re not careful. If you’re in a typical elevator, you won’t hear DMX or Ti or even Michael Jackson. You’ll hear that music that’s typically calming but keeps your mind active. It’s all marketing and a good strategy. Churches are doing it as well.

I don’t mind happy music when I shop. Hell, I throw on music when I am cleaning. It’s typically happy music. I hate cleaning but the music makes the tedious task of cleaning go by faster. Maybe that’s why churches play the music they play. The tedious task of getting up and sitting for long periods of time to hear a man beg for money and making you feel bad for not having it. Maybe he preached on your sex with that hot woman or sexy man the night before. Something has to be pleasurable for all of the crying or anger you’ll endure for at least an hour. Maybe. Maybe it’s all a ploy to get your money and exploit your emotions. You know, as human beings we are quite emotional. So there you go.

Just my observation. My opinions.

Just to continue this series I just might go back to church. I am sure I would come up with great material.


What do you think? Had you noticed anything at your church that seems clever in disguise? Did you ever think about something but never really questioned it? Share your thoughts here.

Thanks for stopping by. 🙂


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