White Privilege: Does it count when you’re poor?

It’s no secret, I am a black woman who is dating a man who is Caucasian. We live in a rural area where I am truly the minority. I am not passable and don’t try to fit in. I do what I want. I think the way I want to think. I don’t gossip about folks behind their backs. I don’t make up things about a person I don’t know. It is okay for me to admit that I do not know something about someone. Not here though.

My boyfriend who has  a lifetime of experiences both negative and positive is a white man but pretty much in the same boat as me. Now he was raised to believe that racism doesn’t exist. That blacks overreact to everything and that one mind thinks for all. When he branched out and saw that he has some firing Neurons, then he started to seem different. The difference between him and some of his friends is that he was born dirt poor. When I say dirt poor, well, lets just say he pointed out a house that meant a lot to him. What was it about this house that was so emotional for him? He had his first toilet.

Now I grew up in the projects of Brooklyn New York. The dream of owning a house is still a big deal to me. Not everyone in the City got a house. Everyone in the country could rent a house if the price is right. You could graduate high school and rent a house. It’s not that big of a deal in the Country. Still is for me but moving on…

I remember one day we were spending an evening together and I had a question that echoed in my head all night. He always seems to know when my brain is working because he kept probing and probing but I never would tell him what I was thinking. I was thinking, Why are you white and poor? Why do you have the experiences that you have and poor? Who’s holding you back? Is it yourself? I shouldn’t be worried about anything when it comes to money while dating you. You should have my back and then lead me to where I could be making the same money.

Is it all about money? Now! Look at our President Elect as he is now an elected official and still felt the need to bill this country, billions of dollars. So money is a huge factor, it’s not everything but couples have broken up over the lack of money (average couples). Now don’t get into my comment section talking about God this and Jesus that. Lets not get into these churches. Don’t worry guys, I will in a later blog. Back to my question…Why are you white and poor? Why hasn’t your intelligence, white skin, the fact that you’re a man, and experiences in life lead you down the path of fortune?

No, I didn’t date him for his money obviously but I think it’s a fair question. How far does white privilege go and for whom? Whom benefits off of this card? Will it always be for the rich, good-looking, well in shape, or just against a black person or any other minority for that matter?

So if my man murders me, would he get to claim his white privilege over me? If that’s the case, then why not now? With his intelligence and white skin and being a man he should be blowing me out of the water financially. I have a difficult time here in the South getting jobs that I qualify for due to being black and outspoken as well as not being programmed into their myopic way of thinking. I don’t know what his problem is. Could it be he’s another Rob Kardashian and just lazy? (According to Blac Chyna). Is it my job to bring motivation to him? No. It’s his job to find his own motivation and my job to cheer him on and remind him that he is a somebody no matter how he’s born.

Do poor white parents not fill your kids with hopes and dreams? Do you believe that your poverty is all there is to life? What happened? I never understood that. Growing up in a poor black neighborhoods, we were given hope although we’ve faced adversity. We were told that the sky is the limit. We were taught that we could be anything we want to be and do anything we want to do. Do white parents not do that? So is it that they are born white and should be given the same white chances no matter where they are financially? Is it that Poor whites and Poor blacks have much more in common and need to stop viewing one another as enemies? Hmm. Think about it.

White Privilege who gets to benefit from it? Where did it come from? Are there any blacks who gets to benefit from their wealth? OJ did for a moment until he got in trouble for stupid shit and wrote that damn book. Idiot. R. Kelly did, but then again those were crimes against black girls and no one cares for us like that. So could it just be called…Rich privilege or even Fame Privilege? Maybe there are many cards that we just don’t discuss.

Leave me your thoughts. Thanks for stopping by.


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