Why are Churches about The Dollars?

Dear Almighty Dollar,

I will devote my life to you everlasting. I will use whomever and whatever it takes to have you in my hands. I will sell my soul to the highest bidder. I will make sure that you will come first in all the days of my life. If I have to give up my family, soul, friends, and all in order to have you; I will. In the Almighty Dollar’s name I pray

Cha ching.


That was a bit over the top but it makes a point. It started when I was a child and going to a church that started really small in a corner building to eventually growing larger downtown Brooklyn. I remember when we went to the bigger building, I commented on how big the building was. Personally, I liked the corner building. It had character and felt very real. I also noticed that the watch the Pastor was wearing was very expensive looking. Being a child, before being taught to lie, I was very honest about the watch. The pastor covered his wrist with his sleeve and I got a spanking for being so rude. “But it was expensive.” I cried. Then I was told, “What do you know about expensive watches? A child should stay in a child’s place.” Nothing else. That was all. I was in timeout all day. Sucked.

Then the church grew bigger. So did the building and the materials in it looked even more expensive than before. At that time we were in the Bronx. Then as the church grew, the church kept moving. Eventually we went from going to church weekly to barely going. Couldn’t afford to get to the new locations. Not sure if he ever got to be a TV mega church but he did get a radio station on AM radio. My foster-mother listened to that and I had to as well. It was church and we were not looking for a new minister or church. He grew so big that he left all of us behind. The bigger he got, the more expensive his jewelry and cars got. I looked but was forced to keep quiet about what I saw. Remember? Stay in a child’s place.

Well, I have gone to churches sporadically in my life time. I don’t go faithfully to anyone’s building. I get tired of helping to pay bills to find that they are looking better than me. Not in the face. There’s plenty of prettier people than I have. I am talking clothes, food, cars, jewelry, etc. What?

Tithe to advance the kingdom of Heaven: How? So are we paying money for God to put a roof over the house in heaven? So when does he come to get it? Boy bye! The Tithes and offerings may help to maintain the building. I get that. I am even cool with that. What about the rest of the money? Well, lets take a look at your expensive suits. Your wives beautiful hair, makeup, clothes, and shoes. I can’t afford to dress like that and I have a career. What are we doing to advance the Kingdom? Looks to me like we’re advancing your bank account.

Doesn’t really help the congregation: How many of you could truly say that your church helped you when you really needed it? If you could…GREAT!  I went to a church faithfully for almost three years. I have tithe and gave offering on money I never really had. When I fell on hard times a few months ago, after trying so hard to get my self back on my feet I reached out. Listen, it’s hard for me to reach out for help. I was raised to be an independent woman and depend on no man. So I had to swallow a lot of pride to ask for help. I was turned away. So in turn, I turned away for real. I wish I would put another dime in a damn church.

Worldly issue doesn’t separate from the church: What do I mean? Well simple; racism, prejudice, sexism, self hate, etc…continues in the church. All of these things are addressed in the Bible, yet they still do it.

There are so many things to discuss but I need to get back to work. I am so done with seeing these churches and pastors look one way, when their members look something totally different. They want you to tithe on money you don’t even receive. What? You want me to pay you money that the State took from me. You want me to give you basically twice of what I should give. Think of it. Your total check is 2000. 10% of that is 200. Now they take taxes and insurance plans out of your check and lets say you’re left with 1200. 10% is about 120. Almost twice. 120 is not good enough for most churches. They want you to give the full 200. Nah dude. that doesn’t fly with me. I have bills to pay. Rent to pay. Gas to put in my car. Groceries and other spending that I need. You don’t care about that. All I hear is how much I don’t really follow Christ because I don’t tithe every time the doors open. I am personally tired of hearing you beg.

I have seen some churches complain about what people do with their money. “You have a problem paying your Tithes but you don’t have a problem with going to Wal-Mart.” Um, yeah. Most of the time when I go, there’s something that I need. Oh and I get to exchange money for goods. Not that something like that should be going on in the church but if I purchase something at Wal-Mart and I need my money back because my light bill came in and it was higher than last month although I use the same amount of power. As long as I have the receipt, it’s all good. If I give you my money and I need help; I’ll get denied or get the third degree as to why I need help.

Let’s make it clear. I am not Anti-God. I am Anti-Church. There’s a huge difference. People think that if you don’t go to church then you are sinning and hate God. Nah dude. Get your mind right. There are several members in your congregation right now who attends church faithfully and going straight to Hell. Church doesn’t mean an absolute ticket into Heaven. So don’t come judging me. I don’t live my life-like I am better than anyone else. I am just tired of being used. I get tired of going to church and having people judge me. I don’t have to throw up my hands to praise God. I don’t have to scream, shout, and foam at the mouth to prove that I love God. In my opinion, that doesn’t prove anything to God. You’re trying to prove something to the other church attendees. I could personally care less about people’s opinions of me and have nothing to prove to anyone.

Let me know what you think. Thanks for stopping by.


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