Black Women suing L’Oreal for hair loss due to relaxer.

First let me set the record straight, this is not a relaxed hair versus natural hair debate. That argument is dull and boring and way over done. I have seen girls grow into women who has used relaxers since school aged. Their hair are healthy, strong, beautiful, and long. 

Shout out to Breanna Ritter for the beautiful image and her book. 

With relaxers there are so many chemicals and could result in some serious chemical burns. I don’t know how many burns I’ve had over the years due to scratching my scalp. The hair would almost be glued to that part of my scalp until it would scab. Then we put hair grease and helped loosen the hair in that area. Ewe. Glad those days are over. 

These women ended up with severe hair loss due to the relaxer. Now how did that happen? Home relaxers are sold daily. Where ever there are black women, there’s a demand for black products. Relaxers are one along with weave and now natural products. 

Black hair care is a multi billion dollar industry. Personally black people should be wealthy because we know our hair better than anyone else.

I hate that has happened to those ladies. Could you get reckless when doing a home relaxer? Yes. Once you’ve done a billion of them there’s no need to read instructions. You get basically the same packaging and the same instructions. Now some times there would be an extra product or two in a box and reading of the instructions are best. Typically you’d get gloves, tong, perm applicator, activator, shampoo, and conditioner. There are times where you’d get petroleum jelly to protect your ears and skin.

Not exactly the product in question but this is a good example. 
The company released a statement blaming the women. They said that there are warnings on the box that gives warning to the possible dangers of the chemicals in their product. The attorney for the women say that the company just admitted that their products are dangerous despite ads saying that its safe for skin and the scalp. 

Way to go attorneys for catching that. Black women, we must be careful with ALL products. We must be careful with products sold outside our control. Only we know our hair. We cannot let just anybody in it so why let just anybody create products for us? 

Back to what I was saying earlier. We can get reckless when using the products that we’ve used billions of times. We might omit a product. We might leave it on longer to “make sure it works” “make it last longer” or any other excuse. I’m not blaming the victims at all, but we must admit that from time to time we could misuse a product. 

We must be careful not to product hop. If one relaxer works well then don’t change.

Follow all instructions. No exceptions. So if you’re to use 15 minutes in total…then its 15 minutes in total. Not apply it and then let sit for 15 minutes. Common mistake. 

Wash out the relaxer thoroughly. Keep washing until ALL pink is out of your hair. I promise your suds aren’t supposed to be pink. 

 The company doesn’t give you extra products in the box. If its there, USE IT. Use it as directed. 

Take care of your hair properly. Relaxed hair is beautiful. Its great to see how much new growth and how much longer your hair gets. 

Maybe its not a good idea to relax right after taking down weaves and extensions. 

Once again, I’m not blaming the ladies. The chemicals could very well be dangerous. No one expects to get a relaxer and go bald. I hope they recall the product. I also hope the women win their suit. 

No more relaxer related baldness.

This is sad.
What do you think? Should they win? Could they win? Do you think the women have a real case? How’s the makeup giant going to get out of this? Settlement?

Leave me your thoughts. Thanks for stopping by. 


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