Do Men really have that much power over the female?

I know that may seem like a silly question but if you give me a few moments of your time, you may not view it as silly. Or maybe you would just think that I have lost my marbles. When it comes to men and women, what is it about men that drives us crazy? What is it about men that could either make or ruin our day? Why is it, women, we give men that much power and control over us?

Is it love?

Well, they do say that love makes people do some of the most craziest things. With love, it could become a crippling effect rather than something beautiful. Love is often an excuse for the lack of common sense we tend to have when single or looking into someone else life and relationships. Love is almost like a thing that lowers IQ and self-respect. We allow love to rule and dictate to us things that we know aren’t right. Yet, we continue to be around assholes who are no good in the name of love.

Is it the need to belong?

Another crippling thing we have in our midst. The need to belong is a serious thing. Now I am sure those of you reading this would say, “I don’t need to belong any damn where.” LIE! We all have a need to belong somewhere. We use that statement as a defense mechanism to ‘accept’ the fact that we are single or not accept it. So yes, we all need someone. No man is an island. No one but no one could make it all alone. We all have someone who we call upon when the time calls for it.

Is it the desperation to not be alone?

There’s another crippling reason. Well I know plenty of females who leaves horrible relationships. Rather than to take the time to heal and deal and then get over the hurt they jump right on in. I am wondering if the coochie gets the time to rest. Geez ladies. Seriously. Give it a rest. Why are we afraid of being alone? What is it about spending time with ourselves that scares us? Why do we not like to take ourselves to the movies or out to eat? Couldn’t going to events alone possibly attract the opposite sex? Why would you want someone who only wants you because you’re with someone else? Isn’t that disrespectful? I, personally, am not afraid of being alone. I actually enjoy my own company. In a relationship, I require both. I require time with him and time with me. I don’t want to spend more time with one or the other. I guess in a marriage, especially if children are involved; time alone is a treat. Personally, you need to figure out who you are and stop being so thirsty for attention. No one likes a needy person. Trust me when I tell you. If I am in a friendship that I feel like I am dating you, I am dumping you quick. I had female friends that are needy like that and they got on my last nerves.

There are billions of questions that I could ask, but I won’t. I wonder what is it about men that drives us so crazy? Why do they have such an emotional control over us? How do we break that? Why is it when my man puts me in such a foul mood, I am foul all day? How do I break that power? The sad truth is, the next man I open my heart up to and he pisses me off, I am attacking the whole world around me again. How does one put a stop to this atrocity? Is it possible? Am I fighting a battle that not winnable until the relationship is over? Even I can’t figure this one out. Men say that we are so hard to figure out. Well for me, men are just as difficult. Period.


What do you think ladies? Is that a problem for you? Keep it real! No one likes to admit vulnerability, I get it. Think about it. The last time your man pissed you off, who noticed? How was your whole day? How were the people around you?


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