Racially Divided? Okay but we are more like Black Divided.

You know that this is nothing new right? People speak of this as if this is a new phenomenon. The thing is this is the first time that many people have to admit that it actually exists. They have to accept it. Just the fact that a bigot was elected into the White House should tell you something.

Many people would like to believe the lies that are told to them on the regular basis. It’s easier than learning and accepting the truth. When you can look at your home and see it ruined by a storm and know that it is ruined. Someone could come along and minimize the damages caused by the storm or even tell you that it’s not bad. You would choose to believe that lie rather than the fact that your home is RUINED. That’s the nicest way that I could describe the belief that racism doesn’t exist and that all is well in this world.

When they are forced to open their eyes to actually see what’s going on in this world, it’s a shock to the system and then it cannot be handled or they shut down all together. The recent deaths of black men, women, boys, and girls should be a wake up call to those in the black community who are blinded by this or choose to believe that all is well in the world. The recent take over of a Native American land in a hostile take over should also wake up ALL of the nation. Not to mention the deportation of men, women, and children to the point that a woman was sick with Cancer in the hospital was removed due to not being a registered immigrant. I look at how the attackers of the black men, women, and children get away with the crimes that if the attackers were black they would be in prison. Hmm, like the black kids who attacked the white kid. They are looking at some serious time. Personally, black white or whatever should be in jail EQUALLY for the hate crimes.

I blame the educational system because when your child attend certain schools, black history is not taught. American History teaches everything BUT slavery and Jim Crow Laws. We have a lot of students unarmed with this information. Therefore when the past comes back, which it look like it is, they will not know what to do.

I blame sleeping blacks I am not knocking anyone who chooses to date outside your race. Do you boo, be happy and in love. I strongly dislike the ones who ignores the plight of their people because of their non-black lovers. White people, when you are dating us you cannot silence us with your untruths. Just because you’re not seeing color doesn’t mean everything is well in this world. Love your non-white love but respect their plight. Black people, just because your love is non-black it doesn’t give you the right to ignore the plight of your people. It doesn’t exempt you from being a victim of your skin color. Remember who you are ALL the time. Acknowledge your plight. Speak up for the cause. If they try to silence you, tell them to kick rocks and come back when they wake up. I have personally broken up with a white man and told him to come back when he wakes his dumbass up. “Blacks can get jobs.” Sure we can, when it looks good for a company. I’ll tell you about this next blog. Promise.

Lack of love for our own people also causes a racial divide. Yes it does. Why should they love us when WE don’t love our own? We go hard on one another. We hate one another. We disrespect one another. We don’t support one another. Then we want to get angry at the Oscars and Grammys when our people don’t win….Um, we have the BET Awards. We had the Hip Hop Source Awards do we as a people support them? Not many BLACK celebrities.

Everything black is equated to the Ghetto because of the lack of respect for ourselves. We have to look at anything that’s black owned and operated and have the same respect for it as we do if ANY RACE owns it other than ourselves. I was in college at a club sponsored bake sale. I was one of two black people in this club. I didn’t stay long. Anyway, it came time to picking music. I tried to find a “safe” black musician. When I picked someone who wouldn’t pose a threat…Neyo. Sexy Ne-Yo. Well she told me “this would be you know for nighttime music or something. You know what I mean?” I said “Yea, that you’re a puppet and your master didn’t tell you that it was okay. You shady, ignorant, kiss ass.” I was pretty cruel in college.

We do not support black progression there’s a lot of hate. “Oh, so you think you’re better than me?” “Go ahead college boy, you ain’t shit. You come from the same mother fucking hood nigga.” So on and so forth. We are quick as a race of people to tear down the individual and what they are doing. Stop hating and be happy. It may not be your time but if you stop hating so hard and do the work, YOUR TIME WILL COME!

Black Lives cannot Matter to White people until Black Lives Matters to Black people we cannot beg the white man to love and accept us until we accept each other AS IS! We demand love and respect from Charlie but don’t say shit about Tyrone killing Jerome. Do you not see the problem with that? They are not going to do anything that we don’t do. This is a do as I do nation now. If we don’t do it, they won’t do it. Then again it’s always sadder when OTHERS accept us more than us too!

I am a black woman. I respect the black man and other black women. I date who I date. I will NEVER apologize for that. It doesn’t make me less “woke” as the man or woman who will only date black men or women.

By the way, if I get dragged by black people after this post is read…YOU’VE PROVEN MY POINT EXACTLY!



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