White Employer blocking Black FORMER employee from getting work.

Harsh title isn’t it? I have been in West Virginia since 7/4/1997. It has not been the best time of my life. I have been called a Nigger. I have been threatened with hate groups. I have been the subject of vicious gossip. Still am! It’s like since I have been here, it has been made quite clear that I am not welcomed here. I’ve never felt welcomed.

After graduating from what I feel is the most racist high school ever I went on to college. I didn’t want to go to any colleges here. Why should they reap the benefits of my money when they don’t want me here? I did not do well, by choice, and therefore dropped out. Years later I have returned, on the advice of my father, to college and graduated. I was happy but then naïve because I thought the EDUCATED mind was going to be different. Soon I find out that it’s not.

In order to work as a social worker, I have to have the 4 year degree and the license. The test was no piece of cake but I passed. After a few years in the profession, I felt that my income should be better. I have experience. I have been trained in several different things. So I feel that my income should match. Why pay a person 25,000 a year when they have to live and pay back student loans? It’s crap.

I finally went to my former employer. I thought the income was nice. I thought it would be a great thing to do. It wasn’t until I got there that I realize that I have made a major mistake. I regret ever going there and working for such a woman. I was hired several months before the position actually opened. So I was bored half to death. I am not the type of person to like to sit around bored unless I am at home chilling and watching television or something. They set us up on a “buddy” system. I was able to get out of the office daily. I was.

One day me and another co-worker got into it. They took something of mine and I didn’t appreciate it. ASK me. Don’t take and then claim ownership of it. Like who do you think you are? This worker was the boss’s pet. So I guess she thought she was all that. We had a staff meeting and then all of a sudden all hell broke loose.

So instead of talking to just the two of us who had the problem, she jumped on me like I was the problem. Then it became an all out white Vs. black person where I was clearly outnumbered and their target.

“You didn’t talk to me when I said hi to you!” Um…No I was SICK! I couldn’t talk. Then the pet got out of her chair and acting like she was going to do something. Girl Bye! It wasn’t until I got angry that the boss decided to say something…TO ME!

“You need to change.” No I don’t. You need to change. I got tea on you that says it loud and clear boo. She didn’t like that I said that I wouldn’t. How do you have a problem with me when I am barely there? How? How? How? I cried because I was so angry. I should have left then but I tried to be rational and think that I needed a job before leaving. I was trying to do something else but I was too distracted to concentrate and couldn’t succeed.

The buddy I was set up with, I guess she and I were getting too close and the boss wanted to separate us. I asked what was up with that? Did she complain about me? She said, “No. I just thought it would be best just in case something happens.” Something like what? She and I got along. We STILL get along. We’re about to get a bite to eat soon. Just saying!

I eventually left because I couldn’t get that day out of my head. I stayed away from everyone after that. As far as I was concerned, they were all sick and I didn’t want any part of them. I was happy to leave the company but I was so angry. I went to try to find other employment. I couldn’t get hired. I kept getting denial emails without a face to face. I got a few and they went well but all of a sudden, they hired someone else.

Something is wrong here!

So I finally landed a job and it was a shocker. I have been denied by so many that it shocked me that someone would actually hire me. Sad!

Phone call I get a phone call one day and a person said, “Kash, are you able to find a job? I think I know why you may have had some difficulties. It’s because _____blocked your employment. She said that she would have blocked your current job had she known in time too. She is happy that she’s causing you pain girl. Watch yourself. She’s after you.”

It was told to me again by someone else. Let me tell you what else she did. She used a person who I thought I was cool with to also “check up” on me. I was careful not to say anything. Something within me was telling me to watch my mouth. Glad that I did because someone called me to tell me that she was checking for me because the boss wanted to hear how bad I was really doing. The boss wanted to know to what extent did her damage cause me. She had glory in my pain. She had another worker contact my boyfriend because they are still friends to see what’s going on in my life. I believe that she also sent a relative who knows him to “check up” on me. Luckily my boyfriend is smart enough not to fall for the hype.

Contacting the Company was a waste of time. The person who contacted me was a man who was rumored to be having an sexual affair with the boss. I am not sure if it’s true but a rumor like that cannot help things. It doesn’t help me. I am not willing to screw him to be heard. The company screwed me enough. I don’t trust anyone here. The boss got her a State Trooper for a husband. I cannot trust that my life won’t be a nightmare. Not to mention, I felt that everything I wrote in the email was going to be used against me and they were going to prepare her with something. So, if a write up mysteriously pops up that was never there well you know why. Even if I don’t agree with write ups, I sign them and make a comment. I always have a comment even if it’s rude, it’s there. Trust me.

Why write this blog? To have people aware of stuff like this and to speak out. I am also looking for HELP. I need legal representation to help bring the giant down. I am not the only one she has done this to. Another black female is having difficulties finding a job due to the boss’s bull. The white people have it rough for a moment and in other ways. They find employment but they are not having it as easy right now. She cannot keep getting away with this. This needs to stop. The Social Work profession need as many of us as possible.

Despite your beef with CPS, BCW, or whatever they are called in your state, there are GOOD social workers out there who cares. Unfortunately there are horrible people in positions of power that makes good workers such as myself leave. I am no longer interested in practicing. I gave all that I am willing to give. I would have done this work for life but it’s costing me Mine!

What happened during that time? It was two to three months of no money. I ran out of food and almost lost my place to live. It was cold at night, like dangerously cold. If I had slept in my car there’s no way I would have survived. I would go to one failed interview after another. When you have someone who’s purposely trying to ruin your life, it’s horrible. With my credentials and the work that I do, I should have been off the job market as soon as I applied somewhere.

If you are an civil rights attorney or one who specializes in this type of suit, please contact me and give me direction of how to approach this. I have done nothing wrong. I am not a criminal. I feel as if I am treated like I am one. Had it not been for this place, I wouldn’t have a job anywhere. How did I get employed? She was recovering from a car accident. So by the time the job called for a reference, they had to speak to the next available supervisor. Thank goodness it was the one I wished was my supervisor to begin with. She gave me a glowing reference. Thank you. I am sad that you’re gone. Isn’t it ironic that this field was created to help people but you’re hurting someone who is hired to help? Why go after her now? There are a few months of bills and stuff that I am still trying to get caught up on. I have been affected mentally and emotionally. Not to mention the financial stuff. A lesson needs to be taught about mistreating people who are here to ENHANCE your life. Could the boss do the job without employers? NO! It’s time to stand up and fight. I didn’t start this war. I am just ready to fight it now. Enough is enough. I will soon be growing my family and she will NOT block my life, my money, or anything else anymore. There are new victims and someone else in her sight. It needs to stop. She needs to stop. Who’s with me?


If someone really looked into this company, the stories they would hear.


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