The Girls, Book One: Brandon Returns Chapter Preview

Chapter 1

Six Months Later…

Two men drove up to Shaunda’s Beverly Hills’ home they are both

African American young men. Their names are Geoffrey and Dante but

Geoffrey goes by Lil G-man and Dante goes by Killer. They are trying

to start a new gang in California and trying to get a name for themselves

so they can attract new members and wipe out other gangs in L.A. “Yo’

G let’s get up in there and blast this bitch and leave nigga” says Killer

in a hurry to get out of the neighborhood before any cops spot their old

run down car. “Aiight nigga calm the fuck down. So remember we are

in and out. We ain’t taking no prisoners either.” Killer is looking sort

of nervous because this is his

fi rst kill. He always bragged about what

he would do to a person but never had the nerves to pull it off. G on

the other hand was looking for a golden opportunity like this. A murder

for hire and all of the right ammo not to mention the right amount of

money. “Now” says G taking over “we have to go and make it look like

a robbery gone wrong. Then rob a string of houses to throw suspicion

and if we have to kill more of these rich mother fuckers than fuck em’.”

Killer didn’t say anything he just wanted to get this hit over and done

with and collect his money once the job was done. “Aiight nigga, let’s

get this shit done and over with so I can get my mother fucking money

and go. How much is this bitch paying?”

“Yo, it’s like fucking $50,000. Now I can go to Vegas and get lots

of pussy with that. Just think about it, all of that Vegas pussy looking

for a rich man to fuck.” G says with a smile on his face and imagining

screwing a call girl or even a show girl. Killer smiles thinking about

banging Halle Berry if he could, “Yea man. Let’s go and get this bitch

and get my mother fucking money.”

They rushed out of their car in the middle of the night. The lights

were out and Shaunda was fast asleep. The men broke into the house

using the code her husband gave them to get past the security lock.

They started to ram sack the downstairs as Shaunda is asleep in the

nursery and Juanita is sleeping in the master bedroom. The men then

proceeded to go upstairs and shot 6 gun shots, one hit Juanita and two

hit Shaunda. One shot in the belly and the other in her arm, and then

Killer says “Let’s go, let’s go G. Let’s get the fuck out of here”, and

thinking the job was done, they drove off as they heard the sirens go

off in a distance. A neighbor hearing the noise phoned the police right

away. Shaunda clutching her stomach called out, “Nita? Nita babe”


“Oh my God, this can’t be happening.” Shaunda panicked and cried.

Shaunda made her way down stairs and met her destroyed house.

She then tried to call the police but notice the

fl ashing lights. “Help

me please. Help me. Please of

fi cer, don’t let my baby or my best

friend die…”

“Ma’am where’s your friend?”

“Upstairs. I called her and she didn’t answer me. Please save

her…” She passed out. The of

fi cer motioned another offi cer and

demanded he call an ambulance. He tried to wake her up and keep

her conscious so she doesn’t lose oxygen and die. Two ambulances

arrived and picked up the women. They tried their hardest to revive

them and worked diligently from Shaunda’s home to the hospital…

Killer is sitting at the wheel panicked and then he says, “That one

body looked familiar to me?”

“Yea nigga, we saw the photo of the bitch we were supposed to whack.”

“Naw nigga, the

fi rst one we blast. The body, I think I know it.”

“Well you would know a lot of bodies Killer. You have been known

to Mack more pussy than the NBA!”

Killer is worried that he may have made a huge mistake. How is

it that the

fi rst job the body looks familiar? “You know what? I am

thinking that I may give that one bitch a call before I get my money.”

“Oh, that one that gave you the cheap shit.”

“Yea, I think I love her. Now that I have the money, I can take her

and get her rich again.”

“Don’t you give up on your plans to go out and get some of that

hot pussy in Vegas?”

“Ha, ha, man you’re funny. I will call her tomorrow once we get

the rest of that shit.”


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