The Girls, Book One: Brandon Returns

This is the book front cover

This is the book front cover

This is my first novel. This is a book about three women who are the best of friends. Shaunda, Juanita, and Karen are all living the life of wealth and luxury. Shaunda is black and has a private practice in Psychology. She has a white husband by the name of Peter who works as an investment banker. Shaunda believe’s her husband is a wonderful man and is in complete denial about her failing marriage. She has to learn the hard way just how much her marriage is failing.

Juanita is biracial, she has an older sister name Anita who came out white in complexion. They have a hatred so strong for one another that Juanita is taken back by the fact her sister comes to California for help. Juanita and Anita, will they ever love one another as sisters?

Karen, Caucasian female. She’s a child star who grew up to be a fashion designer. She has a lesson to learn on her own. She has to learn that the ones the closet to you are the ones you must keep a closer eye on. Karen soon learns what the word REVENGE truly means.


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